The Secret Garden

by Frances Hodgson Burnett


Mary Lennox - a young orphan little lady
Colin Craven - his confined to bed cousin
Dickon - a community young man who's very helpful
Ben Weatherstaff - gardener of the family
Martha - the maid of the house

The Novel:

Mary Lennox was only 10 years old when her parents died in India because of cholera. Now an orphan, she was transport to England at Missekthwaite Manor to reside with her uncle Archibald Craven. Mary become independent, decision-maker and helps the housekeeper Mrs. Medlock a lot.

While in the manor house, Mary was accompanied by the housemaid Martha. On an unexpected day, she found a young boy Colin, his cousin, the 10-year old son of his uncle. Colin was always at his room because he thinks that he was disabled and does not help. Mary and Colin became close friends, the former use to eat meal at his room and they found joy when they were together. Without their knowledge within the area of the ancestral house, Mary discovers a secret garden. Mary was amazed and she decides to transform the garden into a blossoming plants and roses with the help of the village boy Dickon.

Heard the news about the garden, Colin assumed that it must be the favorite place of her mother but when she died her father chose to locked it. Colin loved the place and he enjoyed playing there with Mary and Dickon. Amazingly Colin recovered and he now can walk again, he asked the gardener who saw him to keep it as a secret because he wants to surprise his father when it arrives from abroad. Also they pretend that Colin was still like before, he does not eat well, but the truth is Dickon bought foods from the village.

Mr. Craven, immediately arrived while Colin, Mary and Dickon were playing at the garden. When Mr. Craven passes the garden he heard the voice of the kids and stopped. Unexpectedly, Colin collides to his while playing and the next scene was really a teary one. A very touching reunion of father and son especially that Mr. Craven witness that his son walks once more.


This is a very beautiful story that will surely touch everyone's heart. Mary, a very simple girl shows that being an orphan not a hindrance to share joy and encouragement to others.