Jane Eyre

by Charlotte Bronte


Jane Eyre - young orphan girl
Edward Rochester - Thornfield Manor's owner
Bertha Mason - the ill wife of Rochester
Sisters Mary and Diana of Jane
Rev. St. John Rivers - the minister

The Story:

Young girl orphan Jane Eyre had an unhappy life while living with her aunt Mrs. Reed. Soon she studied at Lowood School where she also worked hard to finished school.  When she graduated, she was hired as governess of Adela Varens, an area of Mr. Edward Rochester, the owner of Thornfield Manor.

With her stay at the manor, Jane recognized strange actions. Jane has luckily saved Mr. Rochester from being blaze alive when she smells a smoke at the manor. And there are times that she heard a harsh yell, and on the next morning, Rochester had wound on his shoulder and his arm was twist. She then suspect that his wife made all of that.

Jane finds time to visit her vanishing aunt and left the manor for a while. Her aunt gave her a letter from his uncle who wants to live them together at the Madeira. But Jane refused the offer and chooses to go back to the manor. Upon returning, Rochester proposed her to marry him and she accepts it.

On their wedding, someone arrived and express that his groom was already married before which Rochester never deny. They went to a private room and found out his mad wife. Jane became so desperate and decides to leave and stay in Marsh End. After two days of searching, she was found by Rev. St. John Rivers.

St. John shared teachings to her, but the minister also fell to Jane. The orphan girl uncle died in Madeira. She was left 20,000 pounds which she shared equally with her two sisters. Later, she found out that St. John was his cousin. Her mother and St. John’s father was siblings, so she couldn’t marry the minister.

She returned at the Thornfield Manor, but she found out that it was burned for year now. Rochester wife jumped that cause her death, and when Rochester tried to save her, he was badly injured and also lost his one eye. Jane decides to marry Rochester and take care of him.


This is a classic story of love, family and hardship. Jane shows inspiration to all orphan girls to be brave and determined in all they do.