Romeo and Juliet

by William Shakespeare


Romeo and Juliet - the lovers who experienced a disastrous love story
Friar Lawrence - the one who help the lovers

The Story:

A long time ago there was a boy and girl who fell in love with each other but, their families were enemies. Because of this very hard situation, they first exchanged vows on a balcony. They even met secretly and frequently and decided to marry. Everyday their love becomes deeper and deeper.

But their secret was revealed so, Friar Lawrence advised them to wait for their families to be united.
The situation of the lovers becomes more difficult because of the deaths occurring between the feuding families. But, they were really wild with passion.

Love cannot be beaten. Man was made for companionship. So, Friar Lawrence, knowing of the young lovers, arranged a cooling off period. However, on the way to the cooling off place, Rome got into trouble and an unexpected death occurred.

Romeo killed Juliet’s cousin and shortly everyone knew about it. Taking revenge, Juliet’s fathers expelled Romeo and rearranged the wedding of the young lady with another man.

Reluctant to get married to someone against her wishes, Juliet took a sleeping potion that rendered her death like. When Romeo knew what happened he thought that Juliet was really dead, he drank some poison and died next to her.

Juliet awakened after and found Romeo dead, she stabbed herself.
After the tragic story of the two young lovers the warring families realize3d their mistakes and sought to patch things up.


The undying love-story of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, this is one of his greatest works during his times which is still being studied in schools. In this story, the two young lovers proved that they are really going to love each other till death makes them apart. Though everybody is against of their relationship, they did not stop loving each other though Romeo was banished by Juliet’s father.

In personal opinion, I can say that their families waited the lives of the two young lovers' lives because they let many lives to be wasted before finding the appropriate solution for the problems of both parties.

(Note: Limited characters were given because of the summary made by the writer. There are other characters mentioned in the whole story.)