Heidi book cover
by Johanna Spyri


Heidi - a little young adorable Swiss eight-year old girl
Clara - a rich ill girl
Grandpa  and Grandma - loved Heidi very much
Mr. Sessemann - the very kind father of Clara

The Story:

Heidi lost her parents at her young age; she went to the high Swiss Alps at the village of Alm to live together with her grandparents. Her irritable Grandpa and sightless Grandma then learned to love their very fascinating granddaughter. Heidi’s Aunt Dete made her to be a companion to Clara, an ill daughter of Mr. Sessemen from far away town of Dorfli.

The two girls became good friends, Clara taught Heidi to write and to read. But Clara’s tutor, Miss Rottenmeier made life not easy for Heidi. The eight-year old girl Heidi seems to grown thin, when a doctor checked her, she was advised to go have a vacation with her grandparents at Alps.

Heidi went to her grandparent’s house together with the doctor to rest and spends vacation. The doctor saw how warm, fresh the air and surrounding at the Alps that he thinks might helped Clara’s condition. Upon returning to Dorfli, he encourages Mr. Sessemen to allow Clara to stay with Heidi. Living there with fresh air and milk, simple life amazingly brings surprise. The kind ill girl slowly started to walk on her own. Everyone was so happy for Clara, crying because of joy.

Mr. Sessemen and her daughter Clara returned to their town leaving tokens for the simple village. And Clara swears to Heidi that she will spend her summer at the mountains with Heidi.


A very inspiring story about a little girl that gave love and care for others even to animals. With her good heart, she was loved and became dear to many people.