Adventures of Tom Sawyer

by Mark Twain


Tom Sawyer - a typical young boy
Huckleberry Finn - Toms buddy
Beck Thatcher - Tom's sweetheart
Aunt Polly - Tom's caring aunt
Sidney and Mary - his steps siblings

The Novel:

Tom Sawyer was frequently punished by his teacher because of all his trouble and naughtiness. But he was good in playing hockey at school. He was always in trouble with boys in their neighborhood. Often he will come home with torn shirt from unexpected day out with buddy Huckleberry Finn.

One day Aunt Polly directs Tom to clean their fence. He made his work thrilling and a resentful knowledge consequently; other boys entice him with offerings just to grip the brush.

Tom had a classmate named Becky Thatcher. He fell in love with Becky but she learned that Tom loved other girls before. Tom went to Huckleberry one night and upon passing the graveyard, accidentally they saw Dr. Robinson killed by half Indian Joe accompanied by Muff Potter for payment of a dead body that was dig up. Being afraid to the killer, Tom along with Huckleberry and friend Joe Harper, they sailed to Mississippi by a handmade raft.

The whole town was looking for them, they taught they were missing. The town mourns, a funeral service was held for them, their relatives and other women were crying, then they decide to show up. They face the court to testify that Muff Potter is not held liable; Joe is the killer, so Muff was released from jail.

A class picnic was held, Tom with Becky got lost in the mountain and in the cave they found the body of Joe dead from hunger. And later on Tom and Huckleberry found bandit treasure at the cave. It made them prosperous for life.


It was a beautiful boyhood story. Everyone can relate to the experience and adventures struggled by Tom and company. Tom and friends were just naughty boys but still there’s good virtue that they live in.