Captains Courageous

by Rudyard Kipling


Hayvey Cheyne - son of a millionaire
Disko Troop - captain of fishing boat
Dan - Disko's son
Manuel, Penn, Long Jack and Old Salters

The Story:

A millionaire Californian ship-owner and businessman has a spoiled 15-year old son Harvey Cheyne. He rides a sea liner once and somebody gave him a cigar and he smokes it and became woozy and fell. Disko riding on his fishing boat then pass his way and saw him, he helped Harvey who looks somewhat unwell to him.

After then, Harvey proposes to Disko to take him to his father's office at New York in exchange of huge amount of money. But what Disko did instead, he hired Harvey as another boy in his boat and will be paid of $10.50 per month. Harvey learned lots about fishing for about four months of their fishing. And he now understands what sea life is is all about with the help of Disko and Dan, his son.

The son of the millionaire annoyed at his different life, but eventually he learns to follow. He gain knowledge in raising sail, maneuvers the boat, and even during storm he knows to remain it going. Disko send  a letter to Harvey’s father stating that his son is in good condition, but still a father's feeling, he thinks that he’s son was in misery. In surprise, he saw his son well-disciplined now, strong and courteous now.

In return, the millionaire father of Harvey assign Dan, Disko's son as assistant in one of their ships and promising that someday he will be the captain of the ship. Harvey Cheyne now is a good devoted son, he promised his father to help him in all of their businesses.


The lesson here is that any man can do changes in his life and what he becomes to be in the future.