The Adventures of Robin Hood

by Howard Pyle


Robin Hood - nobleman of Locksley
King Richard - the Lionheart King of England
King John - the bad-mannered half-brother of Richard
Little John, Friar Tuck and Allan-a-Dale.

The Story:

King Richard of England leaves together with his armies to unite a sacred campaign. Upon his absence, his half-brother King John takes his place in handling the English people but turned out to be brutal. Robin, the young earl of Locksley, was banned and chased with the Sheriff of Nottingham because of winning for the poor.

One time, Robin Hood saved a father who slays a deer in the forest to earn and feed his family from taking into custody and punishment. He run after by the king’s gamekeeper, he then went to the sheriff’s hall along with the dead deer and challenge to battle.

With supporter Little John and other men, Robin tempts the sheriff’s men at the Sherwood forest. They undressed them, take their money and jewelries and gave to the poor. Upon hearing that King Richard was detain by enemies while in crusades, Robin make way to raise money for ransom of King. He attends a shooting game that he wins on which the sheriff’s almost catch him. The sheriff also tries to steal the money, but Robin outmaneuvers him. King Richard was released and came back to England.

Also Robin and his men help out proving of John’s fault. King Richard obtains back his throne and sends away John. With a battle at the palace, the Sheriff of Nottingham was killed by Robin Hood. Then Robin became the chief of the guards and his men were employed to take care of the forests of the king.


A story of generous, bravery, and dedicated heart was proven when Robin does all his best to fight for the King’s throne. Also this is full of extreme adventures, heroism and loyalty that will thrill your heart and mind.