Call Of The Wild

by Jack London


Buck - a wise gigantic dog
Spitz - Buck's harsh contender
John Thornton - the considerate caretaker of Buck

The Story:

A gigantic dog named Buck is the son of a Scotch shepherd-dog mother and a St. Bernard father. Buck has incredible power and cleverness, that’s why he was stolen and owned by a harsh master in Klondike who teaches him to be a sleigh dog.

Toughened with his brutal surroundings, Buck was trained to battle. He had a bloody and dangerous fight over Spitz, the brutal leader of another team whom he defeated. Buck as the leader of their team headed his members to many harmful ice and snow journey’s.

A Girl of the Limberlost

by Gene Stratton Porter


Elnora - part-time moth collector
Philip Ammon - the one assist in insects hunting
Mrs. Comstock - mother of Elnora
Wesley and Margaret Sinton - Elnora's relatives
Edith Carr - girl who grows in the city
Billy - an orphan boy

The Story:

Elnora Comstock went to an exclusive Onabasha high school without her mother’s consent. Her classmates ignore her because of the way she dressed. But then she gain friends because of her charisma, being simple and naturalness. Some girls made her join in the group. She has a certain friend named Ellen Brownlee who used to invites her at their house. Her classmates loved the delicacies Elnora always gave to them.

A Bird Woman purchase butterflies, cocoons, moths and other product from the forest from Elnora. She uses her earnings to buy books, paid for her tuition fees at school and buy clothes that she needs.  Billy and her two sisters became friends of Elnora, she helped them and gave them food. The siblings became orphan when their father died, Billy lives at Elnora’s Aunt Margaret and Uncle Wesley, and her sisters resides with their other family relatives.

Around The World In 80 Days

by Jules Verne


Phileas Fogg - rich single man
Passepartout - faithful French valet
Aouda - Indian princess
Captain Speedy, Sir Francis and Detective Fix

The Story:

One day, some London bankers and circle of friends, Phileas Fogg, a wealthy bachelor gambles his 20,000 pounds bank deposit against a challenge that he can make to travel around the world for 80 days only. His voyage starts on Oct. 2, 1872 and his friends expect him to come back on the 21st of October.

Phileas then traveled very rapidly using his money abundantly, thus acquire all the hindrance that comes in his way. On his journey in India, beautiful Aouda was rescued by Phileas from being burned together with his late prince husband. But the prince supporters go after them; luckily they arrived unharmed at Calcutta.

Jane Eyre

by Charlotte Bronte


Jane Eyre - young orphan girl
Edward Rochester - Thornfield Manor's owner
Bertha Mason - the ill wife of Rochester
Sisters Mary and Diana of Jane
Rev. St. John Rivers - the minister

The Story:

Young girl orphan Jane Eyre had an unhappy life while living with her aunt Mrs. Reed. Soon she studied at Lowood School where she also worked hard to finished school.  When she graduated, she was hired as governess of Adela Varens, an area of Mr. Edward Rochester, the owner of Thornfield Manor.

With her stay at the manor, Jane recognized strange actions. Jane has luckily saved Mr. Rochester from being blaze alive when she smells a smoke at the manor. And there are times that she heard a harsh yell, and on the next morning, Rochester had wound on his shoulder and his arm was twist. She then suspect that his wife made all of that.

Jane finds time to visit her vanishing aunt and left the manor for a while. Her aunt gave her a letter from his uncle who wants to live them together at the Madeira. But Jane refused the offer and chooses to go back to the manor. Upon returning, Rochester proposed her to marry him and she accepts it.


Gene Stratton-Porter
by Gene Stratton Porter


Freckles - watchguard of Limberlost
Swamp Angel - Freckles dream girl
Mc Lean - the company manager of timber
The Duncans - the accommodating couple
Wessner and Black Jack - the wood thiefs


The kind Duncan family not thinks twice to allow poor Freckles to board on their home. Freckles got a job as watchman at the Limberlost forest company. Freckles witness anomaly in the forest, a lumberjack thief Wessner offered him money whenever they cut woods illegally. This happens all without the awareness of company manager Mc Lean. But the young watchman didn’t know that Mc Lean and the Duncans observe and knew everything.

Swamp Angel, as Freckles use to call her dream lady make friend with him. Swamp is the daughter of owner of the lumber. At the forest, she likes stunning to butterflies and birds and even flowers. Freckles and Swamp Angel became good buddies; they compromise each other in many things. One time, a lady who sells butterflies to Swamp Angel came, informing that thieves are cutting woods. Freckles act fast; he made a warning shot to fright the thieves Wessner and Black Jack.

The Secret Garden

by Frances Hodgson Burnett


Mary Lennox - a young orphan little lady
Colin Craven - his confined to bed cousin
Dickon - a community young man who's very helpful
Ben Weatherstaff - gardener of the family
Martha - the maid of the house

The Novel:

Mary Lennox was only 10 years old when her parents died in India because of cholera. Now an orphan, she was transport to England at Missekthwaite Manor to reside with her uncle Archibald Craven. Mary become independent, decision-maker and helps the housekeeper Mrs. Medlock a lot.

While in the manor house, Mary was accompanied by the housemaid Martha. On an unexpected day, she found a young boy Colin, his cousin, the 10-year old son of his uncle. Colin was always at his room because he thinks that he was disabled and does not help. Mary and Colin became close friends, the former use to eat meal at his room and they found joy when they were together. Without their knowledge within the area of the ancestral house, Mary discovers a secret garden. Mary was amazed and she decides to transform the garden into a blossoming plants and roses with the help of the village boy Dickon.

So Big

by Edna Ferber


Dirk - the son nicknamed as So Big
Selina - mother of Dirk
Pervus De Jong - Selina’s former husband
Julie Hempel - school friend of Selina
Dallas O’mara - girl artist-illustrator
Roelf Pool - a one-time student of Selina

The Novel:

Selina had a happy school days life at Miss Fister's school based in Chicago but soon ended when her father died.  She finished her studies and became a school teacher in a Dutch farm community of High Prairie. There she learned and became a nature lover.

Selina met Pervus de Jong, a vegetable farmer whom she married. She then forgets the city life, all the luxuries and city has to offer. Instead, she focuses herself in the farm, take care and serve her husband and their workers. Sometimes she also works in the field to harvests.

Hans Brinker

by Mary Mapes Dodge


Hans Brinker - a hard-working Dutch boy
Gretel - her gracious sister
Dame Brinker - mother of Hans and Gretel
Dr. Brockman - a surgeon who save the Brinker's father
Hilda Van Gleck - daughter of a burgomaster owner
Katinka Flank, Annie Bouman, Jacob Poot, and Peter - Brinker's friends

The Story:

The Brinker family was suffering from poverty because Raff Brinker, head of the family lost his mind ten years ago. Dame Brinker, the mother is the one who supports their family by knitting, sewing and raising vegetables. Hans, who is only 15 years old and her sister Gretel, 12, was always tease because they their mother can’t send them to school.

The Hans and Gretel went outside with wooden skates when Hilda Van Gleck saw them, and on pity with them she gave them money to buy skates and jacket for Gretel to protect her body from cold. Then Peter, Hilda’s classmate saw that Hans has no skates, knowing that the boy was good at carving, he ordered for a wooden necklace. Hans use the money for his father’s medical examination by Dr. Brockman.