Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

by Lewis Carroll


Alice - a very charming little girl
Queen of Hearts - Wonderland’s monarch
The Duchess, the Mad Hatter, Dormouse and other little animals that becomes dear to Alice.

The Story:

There was a brilliant young girl named Alice who dreams that she lives in the world of wonders. That she is taking care of a white rabbit on a way to the Wonderland where people with animals share strange and blissful actions. While in Wonderland, Alice experience different challenging adventures. Not knowing that the place is so different from where she came, she made unusual faults that almost made her cry.

She became friends with different animals in the Wonderland like Duchess, a march hare, dormouse, and the mad hatter. They make Alice familiar with the place and feel comfortable with them. And Alice realized that these little animals are also like her, have and feeling and good heart to others.

Alice became dear to the King and Queen of Wonderland, they made Alice stay in the land a memorable one. But time come that she made a mistake that she face a trial in the Queen of Hearts court. Thrilled to hear what are the cases that will charge to her, a winged creature flied and land down on her shoulder in a unforgiving temper.

At the highest point, Alice rapidly gets conscious and learns that all was just a dream. She falls to sleep at nearby river bank with her sister.


A very lovely tale of Alice, that teaches us to love and care for animals because they have mind and feelings too. Very ideal to share and tell to little children for them to learn that we should not harm animals instead take care of them.